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Testimonial PG Drives

Phyllis Abrams PG Drives Testimonial

“We hired Chris during a crisis, as one of our servers had crashed. He took care of the problem and got us up and running. He then put together a long-term plan and provided extraordinary support during the implementation. Chris’ personality “clicked” with the entire team, which allowed him to solve a wide variety of issues. He is thorough, knowledgeable, very timely and highly ethical. I would highly recommend Chris’ work and Advanced Network Consulting.”

Called in initially to assist with issues with the network, Advanced Network Consulting resolved the initial problems and mapped out the entire wiring infrastructure for future reference.

Advanced Network Consulting has sense replaced a server that had a prior history of issues. As part of replacing the server we replaced the Windows 2003 Domain controller with a Windows 2008 R2 Domain controller.

We have additionally virtualized a physical computer that was being used for a remote office to connect in. Utilizing Hyper-v, we were able to remove the physical machine, saving space in the server rack, electricity and reducing the cooling needs of the server room. All this was accomplished with zero additional hardware or software cost.

Most of the aging desktop computers have been replaced and the entire network is running much more reliably.