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Security and Reliability

Keep Your Data Safe with
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Data security is critical, especially if you are subject to industry or federal regulations.

Advanced Network Solution takes this seriously, and we strive to meet the highest standards for data security and regulatory compliance.

We leverage leading technology to ensure data is stored securely and reliably, and that you can quickly retrieve data when you need it.


statsEmail backup, migration, support, security, ExchangeClean Backups, Cleaner Restores
When it’s time to perform a recovery, you need to know the data you backed up isn’t corrupted. We perform numerous checks within our software and at the data center level to ensure that when you need to restore your data, it is clean and uncorrupted.

Email backup, migration, support, security, ExchangeMilitary-Grade Data Encryption
Keep data safe wherever it is. We secure files beyond the 128-bit encryption methods typically used for online banking. We also communicate with our servers using Secure Socket Layers technology, ensuring your data is encrypted both in transit over the internet and in storage at our facilities.

Email backup, migration, support, security, ExchangeRobust Data Center Security
Data is stored on state-of-the-art file servers in SSAE-16-certified, mirrored data centers located thousands of miles apart. Our facilities are secured with biometric controlled access, 24/7 monitoring, backup generators, and redundant connections to the Internet.

Email backup, migration, support, security, ExchangeYour Data, When You Need It
When a disaster occurs, fast data access is crucial to reliable recovery. To facilitate speedy data restoration in the event of a major data loss event, we offer Recovery-as-a-Service. At your request, we can ship a drive containing all of your data overnight. Once the drive arrives, we simply plug it in and restore your data back to its prior state.



The Advanced Network Solution Advantage

Protection for International Data
Email backup, migration, support, security, ExchangeMontreal-based data center complies with Canadian federal and provincial regulations
Email backup, migration, support, security, ExchangeData stored in Canadian Data Center never crosses country’s borders
Email backup, migration, support, security, ExchangeComplies with the same strict security requirements as our U.S. data centers

Tools You Need to Comply
Email backup, migration, support, security, ExchangeCompliant with major federal and industry data regulations
Email backup, migration, support, security, ExchangeSoftware independently certified as compliant
Email backup, migration, support, security, ExchangeHIPAA, FINRA, PCI, Safe Harbor, and FERPA compliant

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With that in mind, PowerPoint expert Glenna Shaw created a free project plan template that you can use to track projects in Excel. In addition to being a Most Valuable Professional (MVP) for PowerPoint, Glenna is a Project Management Professional (PMP). For more information about the template, see PowerPoint 2010 and Excel 2010: Perfect partners for tracking projects. Continue reading “Tracking small projects in Excel” »

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