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Testimonial Fisk Auto

Fisk Auto ASE Certified Mechanics Fullerton

“We have been using Advance Networking Consulting for at least 14 years.  Whether it’s been a wireless issue or a complete installation of the new cabling of our new building, they have been our “go to” IT support company every step of the way.  Their response time to solve a problem has always been quick and thorough.  Our business depends on computer systems always being up and running all day, every day.  With the support team at ANC, we never have to worry about being down long.  Thanks to the ANC for all of their help!”

Advanced Network Consulting has been the Network computer service consultant for Fisk Auto since 2004.

In that time ANC has helped Fisk Auto transition with the industry as it has become increasingly “computerized”. A secure wireless network was installed and new firewall was installed. All service techs we issued laptop computers at their workstations in the shop and all work is electronically logged and documented.

ANC assisted Fisk Auto with the transition from a local network based technical database to an industry standard hosted cloud service.

In 2011 Fisk Auto outgrew their facility and had a larger state of the art facility designed and built. Advanced Network Consulting was there in the planning stages and designed the Network. Advanced Network Consulting provided all of the Network, phone cabling, security system wiring, Security camera cabling, as well as Coaxial cable installation for the client waiting room.

Advanced network Consulting built out the telecommunications room and installed all telecom and network equipment. ANC re-configured the existing workstations and laptops for the new network as well as adding additional new Desktop computers and printers.

For 2014, Fisk’s IT structure called for replacement of all XP Computers.  ANC helped Fisk budget and plan for the hardware purchase and it was accomplished on budget and ahead of schedule; installation and deployment was done in December 2013.