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Multiple Locations

Does your business have several locations?

Is your corporate office located out of state?

Would the ability to connect and communicate with all the offices greatly benefit your clients, increase your employee productivity, and escalate company profits?


How can I achieve this?
Virtual Private Networking (VPN) is the solution you are looking for.
Advanced Network Consulting’s team of technicians have inter-connected numerous organizations with heterogeneous Microsoft, Linux, and Mac networks spanning branch offices, telecommuters, partners and clients.

Let’s say for example you are a commercial real estate broker with two offices located in Downtown Los Angeles and another in Irvine. You meet your client in your Irvine office, but all his information is stored at your Downtown LA office. With VPN, you can remote connect securely into your Downtown LA office and access the information needed.  VPN can be done for multi-location businesses, nonprofits, Charter Schools, professional services, manufacturers and more.


What does VPN mean for your organization?
VPN Remote Connectivity Firewall SecuritySecure network communications between all branches and remote users without long distance charges or leased lines.
LA County Orange County multiple office connectivity and relocationIncreased productivity
LA County Orange County Free IT Assessment for businessesIncreased, more effective means of communication with your clients and staff

Deploying Cisco VPN solutions, via either stand alone VPN equipment or VPN/Firewall devices, Advanced Network Consulting designs and installs each VPN configuration tailored to meet the unique needs of each organization, ensuring the right decision is made.


Networking together multiple locations involves:
So Cal businessTechnology Planning and Expansion meetingsEffective planning between the client and ANC
Free Network Evaluation design layout for So Cal officesNetwork Design capable of handling company growth for 3-5 years
Dell hardware maintenance and upgradesSufficient hardware capable of handling company growth
Complete network security for So Cal businessSolid IT network security


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