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Project Management

Welcome to Advanced Network Consulting, Southern California’s leader for Non-Profit technology needs. For 20 years, ANC has been a partner of Non-Profits providing technology solutions, primarily in Los Angeles County, South Bay, Orange County,  and North San Diego County.

We understand the needs of all businesses, but Non-Profits in particular, have many more budgetary constraints, monies earmarked for specific items and programs, services with specifications sometimes dictated by the government, all the while having to justify the costs associated with running said programs and services, and usually not having the technological resources to implement them.

Your IT staff is trained to deal with the day-to-day glitches with running a network: a document that won’t print, emails that can’t be sent, files that can’t be opened.

How will they handle mailbox migration? How will they plan for server upgrades? How will they design the build-out of a newly funded program? How will they reconfigure the office layout in preparation for staff expansion?

Bringing in another perspective, free of preconceived notions will add a viewpoint not previously recognized.

Advanced Network Consulting provides:Professional member of the California Association of Nonprofits
Non profit IT Consulting and Support in Southern CaliforniaTwenty years of expertise in Non-Profit projects
networking multiple non profit offices in LA & Orange CountyExpertise in connecting multiple Non-Profit locations
Non Profit programs in Southern CaliforniaKnowledge of resources and programs available only to Non-Profits
IT Support for LA & Orange County nonprofitsOngoing support and availability for your IT staff
IT professionals, Cisco certified, Microsoft certifiedSpecialized technicians to aid your IT staff
Network Security and Support for LA & Orange County officesThe ability to manage the scope and vision of the project
LA County Orange County Free IT Assessment for non profitsUnderstanding the needs unique to Non-Profits

If your Non-Profit has between 10-75 employees, Advanced Network Consulting is a complimentary fit for your technology needs. We provide friendly, professional service without the costs associated with having an employee.  However, for larger nonprofits usually with 75-200 employees, have IT personnel, and ANC handles the management, project design and execution and technology consulting with the onsite IT staff.

We welcome to opportunity to assist your current IT staff with the growth and stability of your Non-Profit. Click HERE to schedule a complimentary one hour strategy session.

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