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free consultation Startup ventures new business setup
Starting a new business is always exciting. The possibilities and directions are endless. The possibilities and directions are also daunting.

Starting a new business is, in many ways, similar to moving an existing business.

Your main concern is the same: will my business be functional that first day?

Technology issues to be addressed:
Office setup, cabling, networking computers in LA & Orange CountyIs the location cable ready?
Free Network Evaluation design layout for So Cal officesWill the space accommodate the technology needed to streamline my employees’ productivity?
onsite desktop network server support for LA County Orange CountyIs there a designated server room? If not, where will the server go?
desktop network server hardware printer upgradesWill the printer be shared by everyone? How will this effect productivity?
Orange County LA County VOIP T1 Phone SystemsIs the existing phone system sufficient for my business and anticipated growth?
Hardware assessment and planning for LA & Orange County officesWhat are the hardware needs? How do I know what I’m getting is appropriate?


Is your head spinning yet? In simple terms, here’s how we can help:
Hardware assessment and planning for LA & Orange County officesHardware quotation, procurement, configuration, layout, and installation. When your employees walk through the door, they’ll be ready to work.
Office Network Layout Technology DesignNetwork design and layout. We’ll figure out where the computers will go and make sure there are enough outlets and cable inputs, while keeping in mind room for future expansion.
free consultation Startup ventures new business setupVendor coordination. Don’t worry about the electrician, the phone systems, the contractor. We’ll make sure we work together.


There are many factors to consider when choosing technology consultants to help you launch your business. We offer expertise, experience, working knowledge, established business relationships with many vendors, and the genuine vested interest in the success of your business.


free consultation Startup ventures new business setupWe don’t just open businesses, we form business relationships.


Let’s sit and talk about your business. Let’s talk about your challenges, your needs, your overall goals and how we can formulate a successful plan. Schedule a no pressure, complimentary consultation by clicking HERE.


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