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Network Security

Network Security: Methodology, systems, and processes in place designed to protect your most valuable assets – your company data and corporate infrastructure.

Network Security Design, Management, and Support
How do network attacks happen?

The most common security threats include:
IT Management Remove Spam Network SecurityAdware & Spyware
Firewalls, Content Filtering, Network SecurityData Interception & Attacks
Network Security and Support for LA & Orange County officesHacker attacks
Data and network security for LA & OC officesViruses & Worms
network security and internal attacks for LA & OC officesInternal Attacks
Data and network security for LA & OC offices, Wireless NetworksWireless Networks

One common, but often overlooked, threat comes in the form of employees. Whether it is a former, disgruntled employee looking for ways to cripple the corporate infrastructure, or the current employee looking to gather company data, trade secrets, or build their own client database. Those in trusted positions are often not audited by a third party and therefore, have the access to sensitive company information with question.

Another threat is competitors. Competitors are just that – other companies looking for the same clientele. They simply might not like that your business is performing better than theirs. Maybe they want your client database. Maybe your competitors want to cripple your infrastructure so that you are inaccessible to potential clients. It could be in the form of disabling your website, hacking into the company’s internal network or something as simple as a virus in the form of an email attachment.

How is network security achieved? To understand how network security operates, think of a store front. There are locks on the doors, an alarm system, a gate, surveillance cameras, and a security guard. One might be able to unlock the doors, but the alarms will sound off. The cameras capture your every move. The guard will hear the intruder.

These are layers. Different forms of protection, all with the same goal: security. One must be able to permeate through all the layers. A solid network security system also has multiple layers in place.

Network security components often include, but are not limited to:
IT Management Remove Spam Network SecurityAnti-spam, anti-spyware and anti-virus
Firewalls, Content Filtering, Network SecurityContent Filtering
Cisco firewalls routersFirewalls
LA & Orange County staff monitoring and network securityStaff Monitoring
VPN Remote Connectivity Firewall SecurityVPN

What is the importance of having a secure network?
Increase Employee productivity through technologyIncreased Productivity
Increase Orange County Employee productivity through technologyMinimal business disruptions
Microsoft Certified systems engineers LA County Orange CountyPeace of mind
Protecting Company Data Trade Secrets Network SecurityPreservation of corporate client database, data, infrastructure, intellectual property, and more
IT professionals, Cisco certified, Microsoft certifiedRegulatory compliance

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