May 2012 archive

Microsoft killing off brands with launch of Windows 8

Microsoft Windows Live changes are coming

Microsoft has announced that as part of the release of Windows 8 it is killing off the Zune media brand and now it is also going to revamp Windows Live brand as well. The Windows Live applications and services will continue with different names or, in Windows 8, as new Metro-styled apps. Microsoft states that …

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Smart Phone market shares

Some fun facts regarding the Smart Phone market share for Q1 2012, courtesy of comScore: Software: Android is now at 51% of the market for smart phone operating systems. Apples iOS has 30.7%, RIM at 12.3%, and Microsoft at 3.9% of the market. Hardware:

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Windows XP – The OS that just will not die

Microsoft windows XP Logo

Microsoft Windows XP, more then 10 years after its launch continues to be the most used PC operating system in the world. According to stats from Net Applications, Windows XP was used by 46.08 percent of all PC owners in April 2012, a slight reduction from 46.86 percent market share in March 2012. Windows 7 …

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