May 2012 archive

Windows 8 Battery life tricks

Windows Computer Task Manager image

Microsoft is aware that many users prefer use laptops computers over desktops computers and that we want to use a lot of apps at the same time. Microsoft also knows that more memory of course means more RAM, which in turn means more battery usage, with equals lower battery run times for our laptops. So, …

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Microsoft Patch Tuesday for May 2012

Patch Tuesday for May 2012 is today May 8th, this month seven bulletins that cover 23 vulnerabilities in Microsoft Office, Windows, Silverlight and the .NET framework. With the release of the security bulletins for May 2012. For more information about the bulletin advance notification service, see Microsoft Security Bulletin Advance Notification. For information about how …

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Windows 8 will not play DVD’s without Media Center pack

Windows 8 for Desktop computers, laptop Computer, and tablet computers

Some interesting new details were announced on the “Building Windows 8 Blog. Starting with Windows 8 the computer will NOT be able to play DVD movies. Microsoft stated that “that most of the videos play today on the PC and mobile devices come from online sources such as YouTube, Hulu, Netflix, Amazon and many other …

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