Windows 8 Battery life tricks

Microsoft is aware that many users prefer use laptops computers over desktops computers Windows Computer Task Manager imageand that we want to use a lot of apps at the same time. Microsoft also knows that more memory of course means more RAM, which in turn means more battery usage, with equals lower battery run times for our laptops.

So, what Microsoft has worked hard to identify ways to reduce memory requirements and still have an efficient and effective operating system.

Intelligent OS design
First in Windows 8 instead of all of the Operating System services running all the time and taking up memory, they moved 13 OS services to a ‘start on demand’ model. Additionally they also developed a way of identifying high priority and low priority memory uses, to ensure that even when memory is scare, your vital apps don’t become unresponsive.

Combining memory so that memory takes up less space
What Microsoft has done is developed a way of combining memory so that memory takes up less space. Normally what happens is that when you install an application, it will allocate some extra memory to that app in case you need it in future. Install lots of apps and you have lots of sets of allocated memory just sitting there, doing nothing, but taking up valuable memory space. By using memory combining, Windows 8 assesses the actual memory needs of an app and then deletes all duplicate memory entries across the system memory. In this way Microsoft has managed to free up to large amounts of memory.

By making these changes they have demonstrated that using Windows 8 dramatically reduced the amount of memory needed by the OS. Computer CPU usage was reduced by 4% and the computer physical memory by 12%.

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