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Microsoft killing off brands with launch of Windows 8

Microsoft Windows Live changes are coming

Microsoft has announced that as part of the release of Windows 8 it is killing off the Zune media brand and now it is also going to revamp Windows Live brand as well. The Windows Live applications and services will continue with different names or, in Windows 8, as new Metro-styled apps. Microsoft states that …

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Privacy advocates warn about Google Drive’s privacy policies

Computer security and the cloud

This week several Privacy advocates have voiced strong concerns over how user’s data is stored on Google Drive may be used during and after customers are actively engaged in using the cloud service. While all on-line services and Cloud-based offerings stating their policy on how user data is stored and used, Google’s terms of service …

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Microsoft has updated their Skydrive Cloud based service

Microsoft Skydrive

Microsoft has made changes to their Cloud based File sharing service that is a perfect example of why, we at Advanced Network Consulting have not jumped on the “Cloud” bandwagon. First the good news: Microsoft released a new version of Skydrive. This new version finally offers desktop

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