November 2012 archive

Email stuck in your outbox? Try this

Here is a tip from the Outlook blog on the Microsoft Site about getting a message stuck on your outbox on it’s way: “by Dail Bridges – on July 06 “What do you mean you didn’t receive it? I sent it last night!” At least you thought you did. Now you’re red-faced in a meeting …

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Working with images gets simpler in the new Word

Here is a post from the official Word Blog over at Microsoft on working with images in documents in the new version of Microsoft Word 2013 “This week’s post comes from Theresa Estrada, the Word team program manager working on improvements to images. How many times have you tried to move an image or a …

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Two tips for faster worksheet navigation

Here are two tips from the Microsoft official Excel blog about navigating worksheets: “by Anneliese Wirth -on October 18 If your workbook contains a lot of worksheets, it can be a hassle to navigate to just the right sheet. For one thing, you often can’t see all the sheet names at the bottom of the workbook: Sure, you …

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