Windows Search – Advanced tips (part 5 of 5)

This is the final blog entry in our five part post about using Windows Search with the Advanced Query Syntax or AQS. One of the most useful features of Windows is its Search; Search lets you locate your files and folders instantly. With Windows 7, Search has become an integral part of Windows, for Windows XP and Vista you can download Windows Search 4.0 to gain the same functionality.

The true power of Windows search is Advanced Query Syntax (AQS). With AQS your searches can be extremely efficient in locating your files and e-mails in Windows 7, Vista or Windows XP. AQS lets you to quickly define and narrow your searches.

Making your searches specific is as simple as defining a variety of keywords, or search parameters, which allow you to  restrict your query to specific file types, specific locations, or properties within those types, or specific “file kinds”. At the top of the Windows Search Explorer, File kinds are displayed, which you can access by pressing the Windows Logo + F.

This is the first in a three part post to help you unleash the power of Microsoft Windows search and AQS

Part One    – we introduce AQS using Numbers and Dates
Part Two   – adding Names to your searches
Part Three  – using searches with File Properties
Part Four   – discusses Searches for data in Microsoft Outlook
Part Five   – the final post discuses Searching by File Type and their search items

File type Document:

Property Use Example
Last saved by lastsavedby lastsavedby:Mike
Slide count slides slides:>5
Document manager documentmanager documentmanager:Jim
Revision number revisionnumber revisionnumber:1.0
Comments comments comments:Approved
Date last printed datelastprinted datelastprinted:yesterday


File type – Pictures

Property Use Example
Date taken taken
Camera make cameramake cameramake:Canojn
Camera model cameramodel cameramodel:X10
Flash mode flashmode flashmode:Auto flash
Orientation orientation orientation:landscape
Dimensions dimensions Dimensions:5 X 7
Height height height:67
Width width width:94


File type – Video

Property Use Example
Name name
name:Sales Meeting
subject:Palo Alto
Ext Ext

File type – Music Files

Property Use Example
Artist artist, by artist:Green Day
Album album album:”greatest misses”
Lyrics lyrics lyrics:“ I walk alone”
Track #, track track:7
Year year year:1992..1999
Bit rate bitrate bitrate:>150kbps
Genre genre genre:Punk
Year year year:>1990<2000


File type – Recorded Television Programs

Property Use Example
Episode name episodename episodename:missing
Channel number channel channel:9
Broadcast date broadcastdate broadcastdate:2009
Date released datereleased datereleased:2009
Closed captioning closedcaptioning closedcaptioning:true

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