Windows 8 upgrade details

Microsoft has always provided a free or discounted upgrade to the latest version of windows for customers that purchased a Laptop computer or Desktop Computer in the last few months before the release of the newest operation system. Some details are starting to come out for the upgrade program for Computers purchased in the lead up to the release or windows 8. These sources are not officially from Microsoft, but are people who work closely with Microsoft and are usually correct.

The upgrade program is expected to launch in the first week of June. To be eligible a consumer would need to have bought a computer pre-loaded windows 8 Home Basic or higher. For a small fee, currently believed to be $14.99, owners of computers that meet the requirements will be able to purchase an upgrade their computer operation system to Windows 8 Pro

Microsoft has previously announced that the company will provide in-the-box upgrades to Windows 8 Computer users taking the form of upgrade “packs” that will provide Windows 8 Pro and Windows Media Center capabilities. The Windows Anywhere Upgrade system will be replaced with these upgrade packs will be available through a new interface called Add Features to Windows 8. No pricing has been released yet on the upgrade cost for these packs.

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