Windows 8 – IE 10 changes Part 1of 2

Here is a Microsoft post about the changes in the new Internet Explorer 10 in Windows 8 (Part 1 of 2):
WIndows 8 - Internet Explorer with Address bar and Tabs bar

With Internet Explorer 10 you might notice something different about the web—it’s bigger, bolder, and optimized for touch. Tabs, buttons, and toolbars are now easily accessible when you need them, but quietly get out of the way when you don’t. By learning a few simple actions, you’ll be able to comfortably use your new browser.

Find your Address bar

If you’re looking for your Address bar, open Internet Explorer and swipe down from the top (or right-click). The Address bar appears at the bottom of your screen and the Tabs bar appears at the top.

Tap or click the Address bar and Internet Explorer displays your Frequent, pinned, and favorite sites so you can jump to the site you want in an instant. Or, enter a web address or search term in the Address bar. As soon as you start typing, Internet Explorer shows results that match sites you’ve previously visited, pinned sites and favorites, or sites you might like.

Change your home page

Set up a home page so every time you launch Internet Explorer 10 you can go straight to the site you use the most.

Here’s how:

Windows 8 tech tips for small and medium size businessesMake sure you’ve closed all open tabs, then open Internet Explorer in the desktop.
Windows 8 tech tips for small and medium size businesses. Tech SupportTap or click Tools Windows 8 - Internet Explorere 10 Tools icon, and then tap or click Internet options.
Emergency Support, Windows 8 tech tips for small and medium size businessesUnder the General tab, enter the web address of your new home page, and then tap or click Apply.

You’ll need to restart Internet Explorer and Internet Explorer in the desktop to see your new home page. You can change your home page at any time, or set up multiple home pages that will open in separate tabs.

Emergency Support, Tech support for small and medium size businesses
Your home page only appears each time Internet Explorer is restarted. So if you open a new tab, you’ll see a blank page until you enter a web address or search term in the Address bar.

Navigate with tabs

The Tabs bar shows sneak peeks of the webpages you already have open. One-touch controls let you easily open a new tab, close tabs, or switch between tabs. Open an InPrivate tab by tapping or clicking the Tab tools button Windows 8 - Internet Explorere 10 Tab tools. You can also quickly close all the tabs you have open (except the one you’re on) by tapping or clicking Close tabs.

Flip ahead through sites

Whether you enjoy reading the news with your morning latte, or relaxing with a lengthier article after work, turning on flip ahead makes going from page to page and article to article more fluid. Let’s say you’re reading an article on a news site that supports flip ahead. You can swipe across the page (or click the Forward button Windows 8 - Internet Explorere 10 Forward ) to go to the next page of content.

From the Settings charm, tap or click Internet Options to turn on flip ahead.

Windows 8 – IE 10 changes Part 2 of 2

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