Power strips and UPS’s

The two most common parts of a computer to fail are the Hard Drive and the Power Supply. An easy way to help protect the power supply is to install a good quality power strip, or better yet a small UPS (battery backup unit).
For power strips the biggest mistake that people make is they do not realize that a power strip offers one time protection. By design, the power strip takes the hit from a power spike. Once the power strip has taken a hit it no longer offers protection to the devices that are plugged into it.
If you have had a power spike or other electrical issue…. Replace that power strip
For a UPS, the unit will provide protection for the entire life of the battery (typically 2-3 years). A UPS not only provides surge protection, but also has the added benefit of being able to instantly switch to battery in a low voltage or power failure event. Additionally, the battery will keep the attached devices powered up for a length of time for desktop computers, Televisions, game consoles, etc… a standard UPS is sufficient.

For servers a “Smart” UPS should be used. A smart ups includes additional functionality to allow the unit (typically via USB) to communicate with the server connected to it. This allows the UPS unit to signal the computer that it is running low on battery and issue a shutdown command. This allows the Server to shut down properly, ensuring that no data is lost. A properly configured UPS will also monitor itself when the power has been restored and can signal the server to power back up once its battery has reached a safe level again.

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