Making checklists in Microsoft Word

Here is a quick Microsoft Word tip from the Microsoft official Word blog:

“by Leslie Cole

Sometimes all it takes to get your world under control is checking off tasks on a list. has lots of already-made checklist templates to meet your needs, including those for general projects, travel planning, or daily tasks.

But if you’re a Type A personality, making your own list is the first step to regaining control. Word can help. The Make a checklist in Word article on has step-by-step instructions to show you how. Follow them and you can create a list that looks like this:

Microsoft Word screenshot - Word checklist

The cool thing about Word checklists is that you can use them electronically–within Word–or print them out on paper. If you do it electronically, you can send the list to others to make them accountable (ahem!) for checking off tasks assigned to them.

Happy cleaning out your garage time!”

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