Firefox 8.0 released

Mozilla has just released Firefox 8. This new version now offers several new security features to this popular web browser. Add-on management Firefox 8 users is now much better, , new history window, faster browser loading, and several other great new features.
Firefox 8 prompts the user to allow the installation of all add-ons via a new dialog box offering a warning and other important information. Firefox has changed the way handles it third-party add-ons, for a improved security.
Firefox 8 now has a new add-on compatibility assistant that is launched when you open up the browser after every update. It will disable all incompatible add-ons and give you the option to selectively disable or enable all other add-ons.
Via the General tab of the Options dialog box this new version of Firefox also has a new option for speeding up browser loading. The browser will not automatically attempt to reload certain recovered tabs until those tabs are selected by the user.
There is a new History window that reveals a downloads option, which pretty much shows you what you have downloaded alongside what sites you have visited.
Firefox also contains many minor improvements and changes to improve the browsing experience.

Download Firefox 8

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