Common Equipment Replacement Cycles

Common Equipment Replacement Cycles:

Many people forget to replace equipment at the end of its life. When it’s not functioning properly, is usually the time when you stop and think how long you’ve had it, and realize that it’s time to replace it. Here are three commonly neglected pieces of equipment and their recommended useful lifespan:

Power strips:

A power strip only protects equipment from a power surge ONCE. When a power spike takes place, the power strip is designed to sacrifice itself to absorb the spike. However, once it does this the surge protector circuit no longer functions.

As a general rule of thumb, surge protectors should be replaced every 2 years, more often if your facility has a history of power issues. Another good rule of thumb is to replace the power strip if you are replacing the computer that is plugged into it.


Much like the battery in your vehicle, the battery in an UPS has a life span. If your UPS supports smart signaling (the ability to communicate with a computer), an IT consultant can log into the UPS and check on the unit. Depending on the model and options in addition to checking the battery life status you can also:

  • Check the history on the power coming into the unit
  • Check the age of the entire unit
  • Check the estimated run time that the UPS can provide
  • Configure alerts to allow notification of issues
  • Configure the UPS to issue a server shut down
  • Configure alerts for environmental conditions

Generally UPS batteries should be checked or replaced every 2-3 years. If your UPS does support smart signaling you should check the battery status at least twice a year.

Backup Tapes:

Backup tapes can only be used for a certain length of time before they should be replaced. The length of the life of a tape cartridges can depend on many factors:

  • How often the tape is used (tape rotation cycle)
  • Type of tape in use
  • Server room environment
  • Heat in the room and storage area
  • Heat of the tape drive itself
  • Humidity in the storage area
  • Dust / Dirt

Proper end of life cycling on back up media is especially critical. Too often people find out that their tapes have reached their end of life at the worst possible time, when they are trying to recover critical data from the backup.

In general backup tapes (used at least once a week) should be replaced yearly.  Tapes that are used once a month should be replaced once every two years. These guidelines should be shortened if the tapes are used or stored in a hot or dusty environment.

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