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Advanced Backup Solution

Advanced Backup Solution Covers All Your Data Types   Security and Reliability Keep Your Data Safe with Advanced Backup Solution   Data security is critical, especially if you are subject to industry or federal regulations. Advanced Network Solution takes this seriously, and we strive to meet the highest standards for data security and regulatory compliance. …

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Tracking small projects in Excel

Here is a blog post on the Microsoft official Excel blog talking about tracking small projects in Microsoft Office Excel: “by Anneliese Wirth It goes without saying that Microsoft Project is THE program to use if you need to manage large projects. But what if you need to track and manage smaller projects? Can you do that in Excel? …

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Avoid repeating yourself: Create a Word macro

Here is a great tip from the official Microsoft Word Blog: Avoid repeating yourself: Create a Word macro Repeatedly entering the same information in document after document, over and over…there has to be a quicker way, right? Word macros can save you time (and potentially, some sanity) by automating repetitive tasks. Let’s say you’re a real estate agent. …

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