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Looking for a reliable, reputable computer consulting company to service your Newport Beach business?

Cisco firewalls routersWe are here to help.

Thank you for visiting Advanced Network Consulting, a premier IT solutions provider servicing South Bay, LA and Orange Counties, concentrating on Newport Beach and surrounding Orange County beach cities.

Since 1995, ANC has provided technical support for small, medium, and large businesses throughout Southern California.  We began our tech journey specializing in medium size law firms, entertainment firms, and in the trucking industry and now have included specializing in Non-Profit Consulting, Not for Profits, Executive and General Offices, Audiologists, Auto Mechanics, Escrow, Law Firms, Mortgage and Real Estate Offices, Charter Schools, Chiropractors, Professional Services, Salons, Financial Services, Public Relations, Transportation and Manufacturing,  Optometrists, Dental Offices, Medical and Dental Manufacturers.

We also work with leasing offices and commercial property management companies to ensure tenants and lessees have a stress-free move into their new workspace.  Same day and scheduled appointments are available. In other words, we understand the operations of many, varied businesses and can provide excellent IT support to help increase your profitability.

What can we do for your Newport Beach business?          

Cisco firewalls routersHow can technology work for your business?

A solid network is the necessity of all companies and is silently working in the background while you focus on running your business.

What are the benefits of having a strong network:
Storage Backup Data for Newport Beach businessesBackup Solutions: never lose data again
Firewalls, Content Filtering, Network SecurityContent Filtering:
less spam and no viruses means the network runs faster
Onsite on premise desktop and network consultingDesktop & Network Maintenance:
updated software and a secure network means more productive employees
VPN Remote Connectivity Firewall SecurityRemote Connectivity: securely connect into your network from anywhere
Server Design Configuration Installation MaintenanceServer Maintenance & Support:
the hub of your entire network

These and more are technology issues that need to be addressed.  A technology plan needs to be formulated, maintained, and sustained in order for business growth and productivity to take place.

Then, the key is to maintain and upgrade your systems for optimal network security.

Microsoft Certified systems engineersOur IT staff at Advanced Network Consulting are trained to help oversee the growth of your entire business, not just components.  Our technician may be fixing an issue with connectivity or adding network cables for an additional desktop computer, but essentially whatever the technician changes, fixes, adds, or removes, affects the entire network.

Our technicians are personable, approachable, and knowledgeable; their ability to communicate in terms easy to understand makes clients feel at ease.

In addition, their certifications include:
Cisco firewalls routersCCNA Cisco Certified
Microsoft Certified systems engineers
Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator
Microsoft Certified technology specialistsMicrosoft Certified Technology Specialist

In other words, we don’t just fix the problem …. We integrate the solution into the entire network.

Managed IT Services can range from onsite troubleshooting to supervising and monitoring multiple networks.

Remote connectivity for Newport Beach businesessConnecting and Securing Multiple Office Data, Network, and Servers
Office Network Layout Technology DesignCustom Network Design and Layout, Maintenance and Upgrades
Managed Cloud Backup ServiceManaged Cloud Backup Service
Free Network Evaluation design layoutNetwork Design and Maintenance for Start-up Businesses
onsite desktop network server supportOn-site Network and Server Support
Server Design Configuration Installation MaintenanceServer Maintenance and Upgrades
VOIP Solutions for Newport Beach businessesVOIP Solutions

Managed Cloud Backup Service is an affordable business security.  It’s peace of mind knowing that your data is safely stored offsite and free from network attacks.  ANC offers extremely competitive rates starting at just $35/month.  Give us a call at 562.903.3992 or email at [email protected] for a customized quote.

Free Network EvaluationWhere do I start?

We start with a simple, no pressure, one hour complimentary meeting.  We’ll discuss business needs, wants, goals, and growth and formulate a reasonable plan on implementing and sustaining those goals and growth.

With 20 years in the IT industry, we’ve seen and solved every business scenario imaginable.  We’ve serviced small offices from 5-85 employees, provided computer consulting to entire offices needing everything from cabling to designing and maintaining an entire network, to managing large scale, multi-office projects and upgrades.  We are confident we can provide your Newport Beach business with friendly, knowledgeable technicians who share your overall vision for the growth of your business.  Call 562.903.3992 and or click HERE to schedule your one hour complimentary technology meeting.  Thank you for the opportunity to service your company.

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