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There are many aspects to support a smoothly run business: having systems in place, protocols followed by every employee, excellent customer service, and much more.

Network support for Santa Monica businessesHave you ever thought about how technology affects your business?
Network Management and Support in Santa Monica West LA
Have you calculated the amount of lost productivity and lost profits from a poorly designed, poorly maintained network?
Network Security Design, Management, and Support
How  smooth and efficient would your business be if your network was properly designed, maintained, and secured?
Computer network support and maintenance
How much more profit would that translate for your business?

Our technicians are personable, approachable, and knowledgeable; their ability to communicate in terms easy to understand makes clients feel at ease. They are book smart, classroom trained, and have working experience with various business settings. There will always be lower priced competitors, but with Advanced Network Consulting, we serve as your business partner, providing IT solutions customized for your growing business, and we have a genuine interest in your company’s success. This is achieved by hiring qualified professionals, who help design and implement viable solutions for your business.

Our technician certifications include:

IT professionals, Cisco certified, Microsoft certifiedCCNA Cisco Certified
IT professionals, Cisco certified, Microsoft certifiedMicrosoft Certified Systems Administrator
IT professionals, Cisco certified, Microsoft certifiedMicrosoft Certified Technology Specialist

With 20 years experience servicing small, medium, and global companies, Advanced Network Consulting’s primary focus is YOUR business.  We understand the need for network security, streamlining procedures, and increasing profits.  We have clients in all fields: law offices, entertainment, professional services, escrow, real estate and mortgage offices, nonprofits, financial services, public relations, manufacturing and industrial, dental offices and manufacturers, optometrists, audiology, charter schools, salons, glass companies, and many more.

We also work with leasing offices and commercial property management companies to ensure tenants and lessees experience a stress-free move into their new workspace.

There are also many components to technology: from having a secure server, properly maintained desktops, functioning printers, to even employees that are doing their jobs instead of surfing the internet.  We can help streamline your business, minimize downtime and lost productivity with the following technology solutions and more:

Adware removal for Santa Monica West LA officesAdware Removal
Desktop support antivirus removalAnti Virus
local onsite desktop network server supportAnti Spam
Network cabling for new and existing West LA Santa Monica officesCabling for new and established businesses
free consultation Startup ventures new business setupComplete Support for Startup Ventures
Data backup storage and management for Santa Monica officesData Storage and Management
same day network services for Santa Monica officesDesktop Support
Email support and security for small and medium size businessesEmail Support
Exchange 2010 & 2013tech support for Santa Monica officesExchange 2010, Exchange 2013
Firewalls, Content Filtering, Network SecurityFirewalls
Local LA County Santa Monica IT support for in-house staffIn-House IT Assistance
LAN/WAN, Office and Network ConnectivityLAN/WAN Design
Santa Monica large business managed IT supportLarge Scale Project Management
Online Data backup storage and management for Santa Monica officesManaged Cloud Backup Service
Computer Managed IT support Santa Monica officesMonthly Support Plans
Network security and management for West LA officesNetwork Design and Maintenance
Network security and management for West LA officesNetwork Security
Office relocation and connecting multiple officesOffice Relocation
Server Design Configuration Installation MaintenanceServer Installation and Maintenance
Santa Monica spyware removal for small and medium size officesSpyware Removal
Employee computer training for West LA officesStaff Training
Desktop troubleshooting network supportTroubleshooting
Santa Monica VOIP SolutionsVOIP Solutions
IT professionals, Cisco certified, Microsoft certifiedVPN  / Wireless

Managed Cloud Backup Service is an affordable business security.  It’s peace of mind knowing that your data is safely stored offsite and free from network attacks.  ANC offers extremely competitive rates starting at just $35/month.  Give us a call at 562.903.3992 or email at [email protected] for a customized quote.

If your Santa Monica area business is a Non-Profit, we provide completely specialized IT services for non profits and not for profits.  We have provided IT support for non-profits since 2000 and we are familiar with federal and state program grants, budget constraints, and all the challenges business face, especially Non Profits.

We offer:
Discount Santa Monica Non profit ratesDiscounted Hourly Rates and Maintenance Packages
Discount Santa Monica Non profit ratesDiscounted Pricing on Software
Non Profit network and server support in Santa MonicaDiscreet, Professional Service Calls
Budget restrictions for Non-Profits in Santa MonicaExperience with Budget Allotments and Limitations
Budget restrictions for Non-Profits in Santa MonicaExperience with Federal Funding and Grant Restrictions
Non Profits project management in Santa MonicaExpert Network Design and Implementation
Employee staff training For Santa Monica Non ProfitsFriendly, Personable Staff and Volunteer Training
IT planning and implementation for non profitsQuarterly or Annual Complimentary Planning Sessions
California Association of Nonprofits Preferred PartnerVendor Coordination

We are current, good standing members of:
California Association of Nonprofits Preferred PartnerCalifornia Association of Nonprofits
Center of Nonprofit Partnership So Cal MemberCenter of Nonprofit Management
Long Beach Nonprofit Management MemberLong Beach Nonprofit Partnership

View testimonials from our Non-Profit clients and experience how we can serve you.

How do we provide technology solutions for your Santa Monica business?  It starts with a complimentary, onsite network evaluation.  Together we will formulate and execute a technology plan designed to fit your business needs today and for the future.  Call 562.903.3992 today to schedule an appointment.  We look forward to making your business more profitable.

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