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Does this sound familiar?

network professionals IT computer consultantsYour current IT person is reactive, not proactive?

network professionals IT computer consultantsYou are unable to get phone support or same day service?

local certified computer consultantsYou are unclear about the instructions given to you by your IT person?

Network and server maintenance and support in East PasadenaYou spend most of your time tending to technology issues beyond the scope of your comfort level?

Computer project management and consultingYour IT guy came into work, but does not clearly detail what was wrong or what was done to fix it?

Network Security: Methodology, systems, and processes in place designed to protect your most valuable assets – your company data and corporate infrastructure.

local certified computer consultantsWhat does this mean for your Monterey Park business? 

Network Support in Monterey ParkHow does this translate to increased profits?

Thank you for visiting Advanced Network Consulting, a leading computer consulting firm serving Monterey Park and surrounding cities.  We are centrally located in La Mirada, and our network professionals respond to IT support calls in San Gabriel Valley, Los Angeles County and Orange County.  Our main office location allows our technicians to respond to same day and scheduled support calls in a timely manner.  We utilize all the benefits of technology to assist your company’s profitability.

Office Network Layout Technology DesignWhat does network security mean?

A network that isn’t properly configured can be vulnerable to hackers, identity thieves and other threats. That’s bad news for your business … and your customers. Additionally, the legal penalties for such a security breach (that is preventable) can be enormous.

Data and network security for Monterey Park officesHow can you protect your business?

Preventative Maintenance range from simple steps to more complex technology solutions:

IT Management Remove Spam Network SecurityAdware and Spyware Removal
Virus Removal for Monterey Park businessesAnti-Virus
Firewalls, Content Filtering, Network SecurityContent Filtering
Cisco firewalls routersFirewalls
Data and network security for Monterey Park officesNetwork Monitoring and Security
Remote connectivity for Monterey Park officesRemote Connectivity
Monterey Park staff monitoring and network securityStaff Monitoring
solving and troubleshooting network issuesTroubleshooting

How does having a secure network benefit your business?

Improving business productivity for Monterey Park businessesIncreased Productivity
Increase Employee productivity through technologyMinimal business disruptions
Firewalls, Content Filtering, Network SecurityPeace of mind
securing your business networkReservation of corporate client database, data, infrastructure, intellectual property, and more
solving and troubleshooting network issuesRegulatory compliance

Three pain-free, low cost solutions for increasing business, productivity, and security:
MessageDisk Hosted ExchangeHosted Exchange
Monterey Park Managed Cloud Backup ServiceManaged Cloud Backup Service
Monterey Park Network Support PlansManaged Network Support

Managed Cloud Backup Service is an affordable business security.  It’s peace of mind knowing that your data is safely stored offsite and free from network attacks.  ANC offers extremely competitive rates starting at just $35/month.  Give us a call at 562.903.3992 or email at [email protected] for a customized quote.

Our primary focus is making sure your company is secure, stable, and profitable.  In Monterey Park and the surrounding cities, our clients include Intermodal Trucking companies, manufacturing and industrial companies, Non-Profits, and Not for Profits.  We also provide IT support for ASE Certified auto mechanics, Charter Schools,  audiologists, medical, dental, and veterinary offices, roofing supply, manufacturing and transportation,  general offices, real estate, escrow, and mortgage companies.  With our vast range of clients, chances are we’ve serviced your industry.

We also work with leasing offices and commercial property management companies to ensure tenants and lessees experience a stress-free move into their new workspace.

Our IT staff at Advanced Network Consulting is trained to help oversee the growth of your entire business, not just components.  Our technician may be fixing an issue with connectivity or adding network cables for an additional desktop computer, but essentially whatever the technician changes, fixes, adds, or removes, affects the entire network.

Our technicians are personable, approachable, and knowledgeable; their ability to communicate in terms easy to understand makes clients feel at ease.

In addition, their certifications include:
Cisco firewalls routersCCNA Cisco Certified
Microsoft Certified systems engineers
Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator
Microsoft Certified technology specialistsMicrosoft Certified Technology Specialist

Free Network Evaluation design layoutWhere do I start?

It’s quite daunting to have a trained network professional assess your company’s strengths and weaknesses.  It can be intimidating.  But our IT staff has 20 years of combined service and we are friendly, personable, knowledgeable, Microsoft and Cisco Certified.  We customize your technology plan with your needs, goals, and budget in mind.  A simple, no pressure, complimentary meeting is all you need to get started to increasing your profits.

We also offer competitive VOIP Solutions, customized for your business.

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