Wireless Network Installation

Advanced Network Consulting’s wireless network security solutions address specific business requirements. A business’s wireless network is an extension of the physical network and should be secured to ensure only authorized individuals are permitted to access it. The physical layout of the office should be taken into account when assigning the locations for the Wireless Access Points.

Custom designed cost-effective wireless solutions:

  • We get it right the first time.
  • We increase security by limiting RF leakage into unwanted areas.
  • We deliver efficient installations by eliminating guesswork.
  • We identify most efficient network topology to minimize number of Access Points needed.
  • We identify What type of wireless standard to use.
  • How many users you can support and at what range.
  • How much network bandwidth you can expect.
  • We perform Wireless Site Surveys to incorporate solutions for environmental issues.
  • Our designs are customized to your unique needs.

We also recommend appropriate wireless security solutions for your needs, that go beyond the limitations of WEP.