Remote Computer Spyware removal

Do you have an remote employee that is having issues with pop-up and surfing the internet?

Their system is probably infected with Spy-ware. Instruct them to Google “Microsoft Security Essentials”.

MSE is a great FREE spy-ware scanner for windows XP, Vista and Windows 7 based systems. It is a proactive Spy-ware threat system that does a good job of cleaning a system that is already infected and runs in the background to prevent future infections. It updates via the windows update system.

Microsoft Security Essentials Download Link

Microsoft Security Essentials will display an icon in the notification area (near the clock). Green status indicates MSE is fully up to date and proactively scanning for Mal-ware and Spy-ware threats. A status of red indicates that either the program is not up to date of that it is not activated.

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