PAM Testimonial

Pacific Architectural Millwork

“Advanced Network Consulting has been our IT Consultant for over 18 years now. Over this time they have been an important part of our operations. We have in-house IT support but we rely on ANC for all our large network projects. Advanced Network Consulting purchases all of our servers configures and installs them. They manage all of our Active Directory and network security projects. ANC has always been responsive to our needs and they are there when we need them.”

Almost two decades ago, we were hired by Pacific Architectural Millwork to resolved issues with an Exchange 2003 Mail server that had crashed. Advanced Network Consulting was able to recover the server and Mail data.

Since then we have been the IT Project Management Consultants for all of Pacific Architectural Millwork’s technology needs. We have completely upgraded the Network and Domain from servers running Windows 2003, to new redundant servers running Windows 2008 R2. We designed and implemented a WAN over a dedicated T-1 link to create a full time, secure connection between the two main offices. When the second building was remodeled we installed a Fiber Optic up-link to bring the new section onto the existing LAN and WAN network, managing all Server and network upgrades as PAM has grown and expanded their operations.

We are currently virtualizing the older servers and consolidation the network infrastructure. When the current project is complete, the number of servers will be rescued from 14 to four physical servers with several Virtualized servers running specialized software, functions and configurations.

We are also preparing to switch the existing point-to-point T1 over to a private MPLS, reducing cost and at the same time increasing the bandwidth both between the two offices and the connection to the Internet.