Kettenbach Testimonial

Kettenbach USA
“Our phone service provider referred us to Advanced Network Consulting.  In the 13 years Kettenbach opened for business in Huntington Beach, CA, ANC has been vital in designing our office, purchasing, installing and maintaining our hardware, coordinating with our software vendors, providing ongoing onsite network support and remote support for our outside sales associates.  Their technicians are friendly, helpful, and efficient.   It’s incredibly helpful to have IT expertise just a phone call away!  ANC has truly been our partner through technology and a key component of the growth of Kettenbach USA.”
Bonnie Wessig
Kettenbach LP
Office Manager and Executive Coordinator

We were referred to Kettenbach by a phone service provider partner in 2006. Kettenbach GmbH & Co. KG. was preparing to open their first office in the U.S. We initially met at the new office that Kettenbach was going to lease.  We planned out the network cabling, internet and phones for the location. Advanced Network Consulting purchased the Server, all the desktop computers, laptops, printers, Firewall and networking equipment.

Advanced Network Consulting cabled the office and prepared the Windows 2003 Active Directory Domain, Setup all the users, File server structure and Security, VPN, and designed procedures and **best practices** for users.

Utilizing MessageDisk Hosted Exchange, ANC deployed Microsoft Exchange, providing all staff with access to email with Outlook Anywhere, Outlook Web Access, IPhone, Blackberry and Android phones.
Advanced Network Consulting pre-configured all laptops for all of the regional sales people and provided training sessions for the regional sales staff as part of a new employee orientation and then issued all remote sales staff their laptops.

When Kettenbach USA outgrew their office  in 2012, ANC coordinated their move to the new facility and continued on-going support.  Kettenbach just recently moved offices again in late 2019, and again, ANC managed the move with various vendors, cabled the new office, configured and secured their network.  Kettenbach is also utilizes the Managed Cloud Backup Service, an integral part of their technology plan.