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Daniels Testimonial

Douglas Daniels DDS Daniels Dare Care

“We found Advanced Network Consulting through another Dentist here in town. They helped us by managing an upgrade of our EZDental program. Since then they have installed a server and centralized all of our data and setup a backup program. Our office computer systems have been running smoothly since we switched to Advanced Network Consulting. From minor fixes to complete upgrades we would recommend Advanced Network Consulting to any Dental office”

Douglas Daniels, D.M.D.

Advanced Network Consulting was referred to Daniels Dental Care by another dental office client in La Habra.

We initially were brought in to assist with and EZDental and their Dexis Imaging program for Digital X-Rays upgrade.  In the years since, we have resolved issues with aging front office computers, continue to maintain exam room computers, and have provided on-call hardware and software support. We have upgraded the EZDental and Dexis programs for them as each new version has been released.

In 2010, Advanced Network Consulting installed a new server and switched the network from Peer-to-Peer to a Microsoft Windows Server domain, centralizing all the EDZental patient data and Dexis Digital images, QuickBooks Financial data and general office data.

All the front office and exam room computers now log onto the domain and security and file access is now controlled via Active Directory to ensure that sensitive and financial data is only access by staff that requires access.  Since the installation of the server the business network has been much more stable and system reliability has improved dramatically.

A whole office upgrade (server, desktops, increased data security) was completed in 2018.  ANC has also managed Daniels Dental Care cloud backup service since we offered the service over 4 years ago and has had no issues.