Deleting data from Outlook (the Smart way)

As mentioned on a past Post (LINK) as the size of the Outlook data file grows Outlook will begin to slow down.

Here are tips using the Advanced Find feature to quickly free up the most space from Outlook:

  • Click on the Search Window in Outlook
  • The Ribbon above will change to “Search Tools”
  • Click the “Search Tools” button and Select “Advanced Search”
  • Click browse and select the top most folder – Click OK
  • Click the “More Choices” tab
  • For Size select Grater then and type 1024 in the box to the right
  • Hit the “Find Now” button.

A new window will open and will begin to search your entire Outlook data file for email messages larger than 1 MB. After the search is complete you will be presented with a list of the largest email messages in outlook. Deleting a single message that has an attachment of 1 MB or more will free up the same space as dozens of regular emails that do not have attachments.

Simply sort the display to show the largest emails at the top and delete the ones you no longer need.

Rater then deleting hundreds or thousands of emails you can delete the largest emails listed and achieve the same results for reducing the size of the Outlook data file.

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