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Wondering if your data is secure?

Frustrated when it comes to a slow network?

Are your employees wasting time on websites that should be restricted?

Finding the right IT company to service your business means the difference between tending to mundane IT issues that are plaguing productiveness, to increasing business profitability.

Advanced Network Consulting is your solution.  For 20 years, we have provided IT management and support for small and medium size businesses in Brentwood and surrounding West Los Angeles cities.  Our hands-on experience spans just about every industry, with a primary focus on audiologists, optometrists, non-profits, Charter Schools, salons, escrow offices, financial services, professional services, and manufacturing industries.

We also work with leasing offices and commercial property management companies to ensure tenants and lessees experience a stress-free move into their new workspace.

We are a great fit for your Brentwood business if you:

Network and Server Support for Brentwood officesNeed occasional, ongoing network support and maintenance
Outsourced IT computer network technicianHave 5-85 employees
Server Design Configuration Installation MaintenanceNeed to secure and maintain servers
Secure data content filtering firewalls tape backupNeed to protect company data, client information, and trade secrets
Dell Premier Partner, Cisco Certified, Server InstallationNeed IT Consulting for hardware and system upgrades
Dell Premier Partner, Cisco Certified, Server InstallationNeed IT Project Management and Consulting for a growing business

If your Brentwood business has an employee that has been tasked with solving IT issues, but it’s not his or her specialty, consider the benefits of having Advanced Network Consulting as your technology provider:

IT professionals, Cisco certified, Microsoft certifiedExpert, knowledgeable, people-friendly consultants dedicated to serving your business
Microsoft Certified systems engineers in BrentwoodIncreased Profitability
Outsourced IT computer network technicianNo costs associated with having a full-time employee
IT Support for Brentwood businessesNo lost productivity
Local onsite desktop network server support in LA County BrentwoodSecure network
Microsoft Certified technology specialistsSwift resolution to IT issues

Our expertise with using technology to streamline your business includes but is not limited to:

Firewalls, Content Filtering, Network SecurityContent Filtering
Data backup storage and management for Brentwood officesData Migration and Security
Email backup, migration, support, security, ExchangeEmail Archive and Storage
Email backup, migration, support, security, Exchange 2010& 2013Exchange 2010, Exchange 2013
Email backup, migration, support, security, Exchange 2010& 2013Hosted Exchange
Brentwood West LA Hyper-V and Virtual Server ManagementHyper-V and Virtualization
In-House IT management for Brentwood officesIn-House IT Assistance
Managed Cloud Backup Service in BrentwoodManaged Cloud Backup Service
Business network cabling for West LA Brentwood officesNetwork Cabling for new and established businesses
Computer network support and maintenanceNetwork Maintenance and Support
local onsite desktop network server supportOn-site Services and Remote Connectivity
Server Design Configuration Installation MaintenanceServer Installation, Maintenance, Migration, & Upgrades
Employee staff training for West LA Brentwood officesStaff Training
Brentwood VOIP SolutionsVOIP Solutions

Managed Cloud Backup Service is an affordable business security.  It’s peace of mind knowing that your data is safely stored offsite and free from network attacks.  ANC offers extremely competitive rates starting at just $35/month.  Give us a call at 562.903.3992 or email at [email protected] for a customized quote.

A simple, complimentary meeting is all it takes to get your business back on track.  Let us help you increase employee productivity and increase your profits.  Let us help you form a technology strategy on how to achieve your needs and goals.  We look forward to a lasting, prosperous business relationship.

Call 562.903.3992 to schedule your complimentary meeting.

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