Archiving Outlook Data

You have already organized Outlook with custom folders – (LINK)

And you have determined the size of your Outlook data file and folders (LINK)

And you have deleted data and reduced your Outlook data file (LINK)

Now here is a tip on setting up an Archive file in outlook 2010.

Sometimes you will just have too much data in outlook event after using the tips mentioned above, not it is time to setup an archive to separ

ate out data from your main Outlook data file. There are two approaches to this:

Let Outlook Auto Archive handle it for you or setting up your own Archive system.

Each has its pros and cons. Auto archive allows you to set Outlook to automatically Archive email messages based on how old they are. Setting up your own system allows you to pick the data and folders you wish to archive regardless of how old they are.
Auto Archive:

  • Click on the Folder tab in the Ribbon bar.
  • Click Auto Archive.
  • In this window you can set how often you want Auto Archive to run and how old a message must to be to be archives.

Custom Archive Method:

  • Click the File tab, click Account Settings, and select Account Settings
  • Click the Data Files tab and select Add
  • Give the file a descriptive name and click OK

A new folder will show up in the Outlook folder list.

You can now drag any folder you wish into this data file or create new data files (POST LINK) and move specific messages to the new location.

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