Hiding revision marks in Microsoft Word

Here is a quick Microsoft Word tip from the Microsoft official Word blog:


“by Leslie Cole

on November 10


Inserted and deleted text, formatting changes, moved paragraphs… Yikes! Tracked changes can turn a Word document into a maddening, frightful mess even though you know the editor’s only trying to help.

With all those revision marks, you might have trouble envisioning the final document, right? Actually, Word makes it handy to review a document in its original and final forms without having to save multiple versions or even leave the document.

Change the display for review

When you receive an edited document, it’s probably set to display the revision marks, otherwise known as “markups.” If so, on the Review tab, Final: Show Markup will be highlighted. If you want to see the document without revision marks, all you have to do is click the arrow next to Final: Show Markup, then choose Final or Original to view it in either form.

Microsoft Word  - Screeshot of the Review Menu

Your document still contains revision marks!

You’ve changed the display to review the document in final form, and then you closed the document. When you open it again, the document no longer shows revision marks. This is great unless you thought the document no longer contained revision marks; changing the view does not get rid of track changes, so don’t forget to accept or reject all revision marks, comments, and formatting before you send out a document you think is final.

The commands to accept and reject document changes are right next to Track Changes; you can accept or reject each change or all of the changes in the document.

Microsoft Word  - Screeshot of Accept All Changes

For more details about Display for Review and removing unwanted revision marks from your document, check out the blog post: Turn Track Changes off or on, or hide or reveal tracked changes.”

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