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Add a watermark to an Excel worksheet

Here is a blog post on the Microsoft official Excel blog showing how to add a watermark to your spreadsheet: “by Dail Bridges If you’re a manager building a budget in Excel, you’ll likely need to solicit input from your staff. Sometimes that collaboration takes several iterations, so it’s useful to add a DRAFT watermark …

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Adding rich data labels to charts in Excel 2013

Here is a great tip from the official Excel Blog at Microsoft: Adding rich data labels to charts in Excel 2013 by Excel Team Storytelling is a powerful communication tool, and data is essential for many decision-making tasks. Together, they can be data visualization at its best: the science and art of transforming your data …

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New in Excel 2013, Insert Slicers

Here is a new blog post from the Official Microsoft Excel 2013 blog about the “Insert Slicers” feature:” by Kevin Donovan This blog post is brought to you by John Campbell, Lead Program Manager for the Excel Web App team. Slicers were first introduced in Excel 2010 and made filtering PivotTables as simple as clicking …

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